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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Famous French Food

French cuisine is as diverse as the various regions of France. Here is a list of famous French food and few recipes to prepare the same.The French are known for their fine ways of dining and exquisite food as well. Every region in France has its own specialty, which is probably why we have different types of famous French food popular all over the globe.

Families are known to pass down their secret recipes to the next generation, which include some really exquisite ingredients as well. French food is known for its richness of flavor. The dinnertime is a very large affair for the French. During the Middle Ages, the French were known for their lavish banquets. This contained heavily seasoned food. Later on, during the period of the French Revolution, there was a marked move away from the use of spices. With the mention of famous French food, cheese and wine would obviously crop up in the minds of many.

However, today, there are many regional dishes that have also seeped into the culture of many cuisines worldwide. Let us take a quick look at some of the various types of famous French food and recipes to make the same at home!

List of Famous French Food:
Baguette - This is a variety of bread with a crispy crust. Baguettes form to be a major feature of French breakfast.

Blanquette de veau - This is a famous French veal dish. This contains veal meat combined with aromatic vegetables.

Chocolate Mousse - The chocolate mousse although commonly available all over the world is actually a famous French food item. This is a very delicious dessert made from egg and cream.

Madeleine- The madeleine is a traditional cake of France. These are very small shaped cakes which have a shell like appearance.

Éclair - The Éclair is a long and thin shaped delicious pastry with a cream filling and loads of icing.

Choucroute garnie - The chocolate garnie consists of sausages and salted meats often combined with potatoes.

Crêpe- This is a pancake that is made from wheat flour.

Bouillabaisse- The Bouillabaisse is a traditional fish stew that is prepared with different kinds of cooked fish. A variety of herbs and spices are used to add flavor to the same.

Gougère- This is a pastry that is made along with cheese. In the English language, these are known as cheese puffs.

Cassoulet- This famous French food originated in the southwest area of France. Its main ingredients are meat combined with pork skin and white beans.

Ratatouille- This is a traditional vegetable dish. The complete name remains to be ratatouille niçoise and it consists of stewed vegetables. Ratatouille is generally served as a side dish but it can be served as a complete dish in its own as well. This dish is generally prepared in the summer season with the help of fresh vegetables.

Quiche Lorraine- A quiche simply means a baked dish that consists of a combination of eggs and milk in a pastry crust. This kind of an egg pie is prepared with other ingredients as well.

Tarte flambée- This dish is a speciality of the Alsatian region in France. It is made of thin bread dough which is topped with onions, bacons and some amount of fresh cream.

Recipes of Famous French Food:
Easy Madeleine Recipe
Eggs (2)
Vanilla extract (3/4 teaspoon)
All-purpose flour (1/2 cup)
Lemon zest (1 tablespoon)
Butter (1/4 cup)
Sugar- granulated (1/3 cup)
Salt (1/8 teaspoon)
White sugar (1/3 cup)

To begin, you would need to preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Then, you need to butter and flour around 12 madeleine molds which are around 3 inches. Once done, set it aside. Then, melt butter and let it cool to room temperature.

Then, take a small bowl and beat some eggs in this. Add vanilla and a pinch of salt as well. Keep beating this mixture constantly and add some sugar as well. Beat this mixture till it turns thick.

Next, add some flour into the egg mixture. Gently fold the egg mixture after every addition. Then, add some lemon zest to this. Gently pour the melted butter towards the edge of the batter. Fold this butter into the batter. Now, you need to spoon the batter into the molds.

Bake this for a duration of 15 minutes or wait till the cakes turn golden brown.

With the tip of the knife, gently pry the madeleines loose from the pan. Invert them and sprinkle the cookies with some amount of granulated sugar. Enjoy the taste of freshly baked madeleines!

Grilled French Bread:
Loaf – (baguette- French bread – 1)
Olive oil - (2 TB)
Fresh parsley – chopped (1 Tablespoon)

First, you need to cut the bread into small slices, around 16 in number. Then stir the parsley with the oil in a small bowl. Then, use this mixture on one side of the bread. Place the bread slices in an uncovered grill. Grill this for at least 2 to 3 minutes. Turn them once while grilling and serve.
By Kashmira Lad

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